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Online banking dashboard
UNIBANK is a new banking dashboard solution designed especially for business owners who want an online clear, simple, and intuitive banking experience.

ROLE /  UI Design
UX DESIGN / By Create school students

יוניבנק- תמונת קאבר_edited.png

The project

Create a design concept for an online banking dashboard that offers a convenient and easy platform for busy business owners.

The challenge

The main challenge in this project was to combine useful and technical information about the user's finance without overloading them with data while offering them a user-friendly platform.

My process

Banks scare me. they do. tons of information, not all relevant, and an enormous amount of cognitive load. I wanted to give the users a simple experience that will make them love dealing with their money online. To achieve that, I needed to do the following:

01. Research the online banking field
02. Fully understand the hierarchy and value of each component in the UX research. Ask questions about everything. Then ask some more.
03. Search for design conventions.
04. Study who the main users are and what are their needs in this platform.

The research

Our users use their banking dashboard when they're on the go, between meetings, and when they need to get a clear answer about usually one or more main financial aspects.

"What is my business's current account status? when do I finish that loan? did we get all the money we were supposed to get this month?"

Our users want the online dashboard to give them a reassuring experience, that all is well.

Our users need their financial platform to be scannable, with a clear hierarchy, and with minimum distractions.

I looked for simpler ways to visualize graphs, data, and information. How do we show the users all the data they need without overloading them?

And what I’ve learned


To keep the product minimalistic and clear, I used one sanserif font typeface for all the text. It helped the dashboard cohesive look and feel and kept it readable and clean.

I used only one main CTA color and a minimalistic color palette to keep the design light and clear.
The chosen color was royal blue, which helped with the reliability of the bank, and has a calming effect.
יוניבנק- טיפוגרפיה וצבעים.png


To keep the experience light, fun and playful icons were incorporated in the dashboard. it still gives the platform a reliable and trustworthy feel, but it also keeps the brand approachable and fun to use.
יוניבנק- דסקטופ.png

Main section-Account status

The head section of the dashboard provides the most recent and requested information. It is divided into micro-sections to give easy scanning and readability to the users.
Frame 58_edited.png

Checking Account Status

This section views the checking account’s transactions. The users can easily view their transactions and visually filter them through color identification to incomes and expenses. The users can also filter the transactions into different transaction types by using the filter buttons.
Group 418.png

Data Visalisation

This section visualizes data clearly and interactively. Users can easily filter the account's data by month and income or expense. It can provide a better understanding of their account status throughout the year.
Frame 58_edited.png
Group 421.png

Thank you!

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