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Liat Leon Stern

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
I’m Liat, a product designer currently based in Tel Aviv.
I am a passionate, curious, and autodidact Working as a product designer for Create design studio. I enjoy working with various stakeholders and users, researching and understanding potential product problems, while finding creative solutions with our users' needs in mind.

I graduated from
Create school with a diploma in User Experience Design. I loved the human-centered design methods and processes I learned and I'm jazzed about exploring and trying to better understand human behavior.

I'm always trying to grow and learn something new. I lose track of time when I'm researching, drawing, or brainstorming solutions. I'm also a movie buff and a real foodie person. There’s nothing like relaxing to a good Netflix and meal.
Feel free to reach out -
I'm happy to chat about work or play!

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