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E-commerce shop
An educational project for a natural well-being brand that offers aware consumers plant-based products and rituals. 

ROLE / UI Design
UX DESIGN / By Create school students

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The project

A design concept for an e-commerce shop for BALANCES.
The brand sells whole-plant oils, 
consumable and skin-care applications, and diffusers.
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The challenge

One of the problems I encounter in this project, was the lack of variations in the product's packaging, and the market's overload with similar products. How will the user recognize BALANCES product values, and singular them over its competitors?

My process

To understand my product, I have to understand the market my product lives in, the competition in front of us, and most of all, the users. Their needs, their pain points, and their expectations. To achieve this, I have to go through a few steps:

01. Research the essential oils field
02. Explore the competitors
03. Search for design conventions
04. Differentiate our clients and their characteristics
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The research

After researching the oils field I learned that our users use essential oils to relieve themselves of their daily stressful life and to deal with different health and wellness issues. Therefore I've decided to conceptualize two different concepts for the online shop:

01. A modern, elegant and minimalist concept, in an attempt to ease some of the cognitive loads that our users experience and encourage self-care rituals.
02. A fun and playful concept, using only illustrations of the product to give it a mysterious and light vibe.

Eventually, the minimalistic and modern concept was chosen because it was more in line with the essential oils' visual field. It also gives the product credibility and it's a key point in a very Unsupervised market. Our users needed to see the products, and the product's ingredients in order to trust them.
And what I’ve learned


To give the product an elegant trustworthy vibe, I used large, bold serif font for headlines, but kept the running text in sanserif font to maintain readability. It gave an elegant and clean feel. I used natural and neutral colors and kept the concept to a bare minimum so that the product will stand out.
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My design concept

I then continued to look for the visual elements that can help the users see that the product is reliable, high quality, and approach our main market users, who care deeply about lifestyle products and high-end ingredients. This led me to use large, bold, minimalistic images of the product's original ingredients, and soft, neutral, and textured elements.
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Desktop Homepage

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Mobile Homepage

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Desktop Product Page

Mobile Product Page

Thank you!

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